Necessity is the mother of invention – Plato

Owners Tyrone and Lynn, started their journey with Corona Clean in March 2020.  After their own experience and need in trying to keep their family safe from the COVID19 virus, they found a solution that works for them and everyone in their home.

Tyrone has over 15 years experience in the sales and petrochemicals industry having work for majors like Royal Dutch Shell and Puma Energy.  His expertise lends to the niche that Corona Clean specialises in, which is safety and efficacy.

Lynn is freelance brand creator and office manager with over 12 years corporate experience.  Her professionalism and structured approached has helped Corona Clean stand as a legitimate contender in its market place.

Together the team is striving to build a legacy that stands for the safety and protection of the families, individuals and corporates of South Africa against an unseen enemy.

We’re in this together!