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Air Sanitisers

Sprays a High Level Disinfecting metered dose of dry mist into the air to treat small room environments continuously throughout the month, ensuring daily disinfecting and odour neutralising of heavy traffic areas and confined areas susceptible to the spread of disease.¬† Ideal for Patient’s Room, Wards, Sluice Rooms, Doctor’s Rooms, Micro-Labs, Offices, Kitchens, Homes.


The SF Sanifog disinfectant aerosol fogger is an easy and ready-to-use highly effective disinfectant in a pressurised can. Once triggered, the can will empty producing a very fine aerosol mist which can be used to disinfect any closed area of approximately up to 150m3 (50 square meter at 3m celling) height) per 500g aerosol can. The fog will reach all areas of the environment offering total protection of the area.

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